1. Black Tambourine
    Silver Spring, Maryland
  2. Manatee
    Oakland, California
  3. Lorelei
    Washington, D.C.
  4. The Mantles
    Oakland, California
  5. Joe McAlinden
    Scotland, UK
  6. Tony Molina
  7. Young Guv
    Toronto, Ontario
  8. Bent Shapes
    Boston, Massachusetts
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  10. Terry Malts
  11. Real Numbers
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
  12. The Proper Ornaments
    London, UK
  13. Frankie Rose
    New York


Slumberland Records Oakland, California

Slumberland began operations in 1989, inspired by such musical happenings as the UK post-punk indie label scene, lower east side noise bands and the DIY international pop underground. Since then we've covered a lot of territory, from punk to lofi noise to shoegaze and of course pop, releasing records from bands like The Aislers Set, Stereolab, Rocketship, Lorelei, The Ropers and Black Tambourine. ... more

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